Junior Position Nominations 23/24


Submit your application for Junior Position Nominations by September 22nd, 2023! https://forms.gle/PSWMJ2gywZtAVKPk8

Positions include:

  External Representative (1) 

– The External Rep will liaise between the CLAMPS executive council, the Graduate Student Union (GSU),  other Course Unions of the Faculty of Medicine, and non-UofT external parties. 

– The External Rep will relay communication about joint social events between other Faculty of Medicine Course Unions & the CLAMPS executive. 

– The External Rep works closely with VP External in organizing and facilitating outreach events. 

Recreation & Wellness Representatives (2) 

– The Rec & Wellness representatives, with the VP Recreation & Wellness, will manage all aspects of organizing recreation & wellness events such as reserving gym time, advertising, arranging/renting equipment, serving as team captain if necessary and attending the events. 

– The Rec & Wellness representatives shall be responsible for advertising sporting events (creating advertising posters, providing the information to the webmaster, and emailing graduate students). 

Social Representatives (2) 

– The social representatives, in conjunction with the VP Social, will act as a committee which shall be responsible for the organization and coordination of social events within CLAMPS. 

– The events committee will be responsible for all aspects of the social events including creating and following a budget, reserving space, obtaining appropriate licenses, advertising (creating advertising posters, providing the information to the webmaster, and emailing graduate students), assisting with set-up or clean-up, and attending the event. 

Junior Communications Representative (1) 

– Junior communications will serve as webmaster and social media manager, updating CLAMPS Instagram and Twitter.

– The rep. will collect media content (e.g., photos and videos of CLAMPS events) for posting on social media.

– The rep. will also assist in acting as a liaison between CLAMPS and LMP students through the Weekly Digest.

– Junior will assist in creating visualizations for event promotions using programs such as Canva. 

Junior Academic Representatives (2) 

– The Academic Reps, in conjunction with the VP Academics, will act as a committee to organize and coordinate all CLAMPS events under the academic portfolio (e.g., LMP Product Show, CLAMPS seminars & Graduate Research Conference). 

– The academic committee will be responsible for all aspects of such events, including planning, setting and committing to a budget, logistics, advertisement, event execution & attendance, and follow-up. 

Location Directors (7)

– Location directors will be a representative for LMP students at each LMP-affiliated Research Location 

– Location directors will be responsible for planning location-based social events that bring LMP students together, as well as being a liaison between the students and Head Location Director/CLAMPS

– Location directors are expected to attend monthly LD team meetings


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