Location directors

The incredible size of the LMP program and the fact that we are all spread out across downtown Toronto might make it seem like it'd be hard to get in contact with us or join in the many events we have planned for you...
BUT do not fear because the location directors are here! They are responsible for distributing you with information about upcoming events and planning events at or near your location as well!

2016-17 Team >>> 

Team for 2017 - 2018                                                  

Canadian Blood Services/TGRI: Ioulia Vorobieva
MaRs: Arash Algouneh and Andrea Weckman
Medical Sciences Building: Christian Krustev and Connie Xie
Mount Sinai: Alice Ko
Princess Margaret Hospital: Zaldy Balde
Sickkids: David Przelicki and Jimmy Tseng
St. Micheal’s Hospital: Gurleen Kaur and Kate Rzadki
Sunnybrook: Makram Aljghami
Toronto Western Hospital: Kevin Chen