Peer Mentorship

What is a peer mentor?

Peer mentors in the CLAMPS Peer Mentorship Program are upper-year graduate students or trainees in LMP that provide support, encouragement and information to LMP students who are just beginning the graduate program or are making important decisions and transitions within the program.

Academic support: Peer mentors have had experience being in the program – the good and the bad – and can thus give advice on courses, research (ie. troubleshooting protocols, presentation and manuscript prep), awards and scholarships, degree milestones and timelines (ie. committee meetings, defense, transfers etc.).

Non-academic support: Peer mentors are also experts in grad life outside of classes and the lab and can guide you in various other activities such as extracurricular involvement, finding that work-life balance, or exploring Toronto if you are new to the city!

How can I become a mentor or mentee?

Sign-up as a mentor/mentee for the 2017/18 year at

Additional form (for mentors only): Please download and complete this CLAMPS Mentor Form and send it to us via email at

There will also be an info. session/mentor and mentee meet-and-greet session in October before mentor-mentee pairings are decided for this year.

Why become involved in this program?

There are many benefits, but here’s a few!

For mentees:

  • Making new friends!
  • Gain and develop skills that can be critical in both your graduate career and beyond
  • Gain both professional and personal support, as mentioned above

What’s in it to become a peer mentor?

  • Again, making new friends!
  • Become more involved (also, it looks good on your resume!)
  • Gain new skills and become recognized as a student leader
What if I need more guidance or resources?

If you have more questions or concerns regarding the peer mentorship program or require further outside support and/or resources, feel free to contact us and our VP Academics will gladly help!

If need be, you can also contact Rama Ponda at for administrative issues.

For any major concerns, please contact Dr. Harry Elsholtz at